Saturday, June 23, 2012

Way making up for lost time...videos

Here are a bunch of videos dating all the way back to April. A few of the best are below, but to see most of them you have to click the link above and go to my channel.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Seattle Pics

A few days ago I had the gift of a day to myself. So I hopped on the train from Bellingham to Seattle and hung out at Pike Place and walked around down town. The train drops you in Pioneer Square so it was a bit of a walk, but good exercise and a good time, visiting the "big city" again. After all, I did spend the first 34 years of my on the "Eastside" (Bellevue, Kirkland, Bothell).

Just as a warning, I decided to travel light, including my choice of camera lens. I only brought a very small, 50mm fixed lens meaning I was limited to fairly narrow shots. It was kind of a challenge to see what I could find...

Enjoy! Click here to see the full album.

Can you go to Pike Place without taking this picture?

Loved the color!

Was trying to catch the reflection of this sign in the ceiling.

The famous "Smith Tower" -
what I didn't know is that the Smith Tower IS the train station (where I got dropped off)

Of course you know the very 1st Starbucks store is on Pike Street

Again, loved the color here...

These guys were awsome...and the irony did not miss me. Four guys with little
money or material things of any kind, singing about Jesus and Faith. Loved it

And lastly, the "gum wall." Yes, those are all pieces of gum and this is only
about 20% of the wall