Monday, September 17, 2012

Forgive me! 21 New Videos...

Ok, I admit that I have been negligent, derelict, in my duties. I have been taking some videos but haven't uploaded anything new since June...well that changed today. Which means there are now 21 new videos...almost exclusively all of Brennan. Of course they are all cute. What to do? If I put all 21 of them here, you, my faithful followers would not be happy as your browse would be quite slow to load. So I do what I always do...include a link to my youtube channel, and pick 3-4 of my favorites.

I'll try to do better at uploading more often!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Whidbey Again!

Last weekend we were able to once again enjoy David's place at Whidbey. It was one of our better trips, primarily due to B sleeping much better. As always, I found some time to take some photos. We were very happy to spend some time with Uncle Scott Sasaki and Brennan especially enjoyed him. The other highlight was playing in Dad's new boat and doing some crabbing. B had fun driving the boat and each day one of his first questions/requests was "more boat?"

Click here for all the pictures...

Looking at the ant trail with Aunt Traci

B found a big fort to play in

Fun with Uncle Scott!

We did get to drive the boat in the water too...but this time it was land-bound

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Summer Hiking

August 2012...finally some sumer weather and with it, I had two chances to get out hiking. The first hike took Julie and I up to Skyline Divide. The hike goes up 2 miles through forested area to a ridge. Once on the ridge we hiked another 2+ miles along the ridge, to a couple of small summits, and beyond. It was cloudy, but fun and the flowers were gorgeous.

The second hike took me, Derrick and Matt to the Chain Lakes area where we hiked the loop (another 8+ mile hike). It was perfect weather, although a little crowded. Still, we had a blast and managed to see some amazing sites.

Click here for pictures from both hikes

Special note that all pictures from both hikes were taken with my 50mm prime lens...hence, no wide angle shots. It's very light and sharp, though!