Monday, October 28, 2013

Fall Colors, Sunsets, and Life in B'ham

I've been enjoying the amazing October we've been having by dragging my camera with me almost every time I leave the house. It's been an amazing Fall, and unusual for us in the Northwest - unusual rain in September, and unusual sun/fog/no rain all October. Most importantly, we haven't had any wind (until yesterday). All of that has made for a gorgeous, "long" fall, where the leaves stay on the trees a long time, giving us a wonderful display.

Now about these photos...I'm posting them in reverse order, with the most recent album first. All the pics in this album were taken yesterday, on a long walk around downtown B'ham with Brennan. We were treated to an amazing sunset, which we weren't expecting...really, the best sunset I have seen in a long time.

The second album, a much larger one, is a collection of about 4-5 outings all lumped into one. Enjoy all the pics! And of course, there are some pictures of people sprinkled in too.

Album 1 (sunset, walk with B)
Album 2 (all the other pics from the past month or so)