Friday, January 08, 2016

Granville Island

I took a solo trip up to Vancouver, spending most of my time around Granville Island. Here's some snaps from my 40d!

Also, I'm doing my pics slightly differently. The whole album is embedded below (the slide-show). Or if you prefer, you can still click on the link below to see all that pics.

Click here for the full album (60+ pics) or just hit "play" below to see all the pics.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Holidays in Bellingham

Ok - it's been a long time. Here are pics from our December and a sledding day to kick off the new year. Be forewarned - there's 298 images if you dare. The events, in order are

  • Children's "mini-musical" at Northlake
  • His Kindergarten class at school doing a little Christmas song
  • Christmas Day (a couple of pics at our house, a huge chunk of pics at Auntie Biz's house, and a few more at Grandma and Grandpa's house)
  • Christmas at Whidbey
  • A few pics from our deep freeze (no, that's not snow, just heavy frost)
  • Sledding day from yesterday (Jan 1st)

Here's the link to the full album.

Never did figure out what was so funny

Uncle Derrick got a Kinect for Christmas
Me and Ellie

Family "Brunch" at the Farm

The force is strong with this one

A lot of fun with this "balance game" from Uncle Dave