Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cape Alava, day 2 (of 4) - Petroglyphs

Day 2 was a lazy morning; I was the first one out of the tent but surprisingly slept until about 8:00ish. I had a chance to explore the island a bit and then was met by Julie. We had fun tipping rocks, looking at hundreds of thousands of shore crabs, and smelling a humpback whale carcass...yum yum.

After a late breakfast we packed up and head about 2 miles south to the petroglyphs. The sun came out and the hike along the shore was you can see, as well, the petroglyphs were also amazing. The highlight of the day for me was finding the "ship" petroglyph; one that we had read about but hadn't seen yet. Honestly, it didn't take much hunting...I just got lucky to walk a few feet and find it.

At any rate, we explored the petroglyphs, chilled out watching the waves (and eating our lunch munchies) and really, just enjoyed creation.

We hiked back in the early evening and had an amazing night; highlighted by a bigger campfire on the beach, an amazing sunset, and a glorious night complete with star-gazing. Obviously, being that far out on the coast, you can guess how many stars we saw...and even the milky way galaxy was visible. A great day to be sure.

(Was supposed to be a "one match" fire but I think it was a "two match" fire instead)

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