Monday, February 28, 2011


Last Monday I had the chance to go to Whistler for a quick 30 hours...left Sunday after church, got up there late afternoon, ski'd on Monday. It was a great trip. Only three complaints; 1) the price of rentals/lift ticket (about $140 with a discount), 2) the long lines (after arriving, we spent almost 3 hours in lines to get our lift ticket and rental gear...thankfully we did this on Sunday evening), and 3) the weather/visibility.

On the other hand, every other part of the trip was GREAT! Skiing (forgot how much I liked it), the company, the sights, etc. Thank you Julie for the gift of sending me! One caveat - I didn't take my camera skiing so there aren't any pictures of that. In fact, all of these pictures were taken Sunday afternoon/evening. Besides the skiing, another highlight was our two meals at the Irish Pub. Great place, great food, great music...highly recommend it!

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