Friday, February 27, 2009

February Snow

Who would have thunk it?  Snow in February!  See the pictures here... 

AUS Day 11 - Last Day

Ugh.  The last day was sad and depressing.  We spent the morning checking out the Wharf, which turned out to be dramatically different from what the past folks remembered.  We then discovered we had a flat tire on our van which required Scott to spend a long time waiting for a repairman to come meet us.  I honestly can't remember much else we did on the last day; one last time at the market, getting my last "Kebab" sandwich (the best)!

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

AUS Day 10: The Tablelands

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Day 10 was a day devoted to the Atherton Table-lands.  Due to the nature of the trip, lots of driving on winding roads, Kyle decided to stay back in town with Scott so the rest of us piled in the car and started the trip.  The drive was as advertised, very much a winding road.  We had to stop a couple of times along the way as a couple folks were feeling a little woozy.  However, we did make it to the Yungaburra market which was our first main destination.

The market was huge and from my perspective, disappointing.  It was diappointing because I was expecting a market of Australian type things; crafts and other items.  However, it was really nothing like that.  There was some food stuff but mostly, it seemed like a huge market where people were trying to sell their junk to other people.  I'm also sure that others who went there, namely the women (Traci, Julie, and Terri) enjoyed the market more than I did.  The one thing I did buy there, besides food, was a book written by Sean Astin ("Samwise" in the Lord of the Rings).

We did also take some time to walk around the town a little before we piled back in the car.  Other stops were at the amazing "Curtain Fig Tree" - you really must read this sign about how the tree was formed and then look at the pictures.  It is/was amazing.  Beyond that, we visited coffee world, and The Peanut Place (my favorite stop).  We drove through towns like Yungaburra, Mareeba, Tolga, and Atherton; some kind of sleepy, others a little more hoppin'. 

My brain fails me on other details of the day, but I believe there was an attempt to try and find some emergency pastry of some kind for Julie, who hadn't eaten enough, and we also stopped to try and see some platypus', along with a few other stops.  We ended up getting back to Cairns in time to hit the Night Market yet again.  All in all, a good day together.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Just a quick post

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Dad, Julie and I with a day in Fairhaven. I took more city/architecture type me, dinking around.


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