Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Chain Lakes Loop + Bagley Lakes

Yesterday I spent most of the day up in the mountains, hiking the Chain Lakes Loop + Bagley Lakes. It was hot, and gorgeous. It's probably the earliest in the season I've hiked these trails and there was lots of snow still. The entire approach up to the Herman Saddle was one huge snow-field. Forget trail finding...it's just hike straight up and hope you don't slip. Still, I had a blast.

Surprisingly, there were very few people on the trails...maybe because of the condition (too many snow bridges). Even with my trekking poles I did take one fall while crossing a snow bridge...slid about 15' or so. The solitude was so worth it!

Here's a link to all the photos, or some of my favorites below.

Table Mountain

Mazama Lake

Table Mountain

Aptly named "iceberg lake"

Iceberg Lake
Hayes Lake

Hayes Lake

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Zoo

Had the joy of going to the zoo again with Grandma and Grandpa Greene. Of course, B LOVED it! Highlights were the owls, the train ride, the zebras, and we got to see the lions and tiger get fed. Fun! While Brennan was napping in the Bob, we also saw two cougars get fed, a black bear get fed, and grizzly bear too. Brennan's favorite was probably the python...he loved hanging out with all the snakes.

Link to the full album here

Thursday, July 04, 2013


Brennan and I were walking through Whatcom Falls Park and heard these owls. We were on the wrong side of the creek so we doubled back and found them. Very cool!!! B learned that some owls don't really go "whoo whoo" as these were screech owls.

Link to the album...