Monday, September 19, 2011

Catching Up on some videos

Ok - so if you have follow my youtube, these videos were posted about 2 weeks ago...I just never linked them to my blog. So here you go! Click here to see my youtube channel where you can view all the videos...

Monday, September 05, 2011

Double Your Pleasure

It's your luck day! First, pictures from our trip up to Hovander Park. Second, pictures from our trip up to Artist Point (yes, there was lots of snow even in September). Note to photographers: all the pictures from the hiking trip (mountain shots) were taken with my ultra-wide (10-22mm). Click here to see all the pictures.

Both trips were incredible! Hovander is a beautiful park with lots of space, animals, gardens, fun. We got some great views of Baker and B loved discovering all the animals.

The hike was also a perfect day. No bugs, just lots and lots of people. To get away from many of them we decided to go up..."wild goose trail" all the way to artist point. Julie made it all the way up, bad hip and all, and even discovered a big herd of mountain goats. It was a trip to remember!