Monday, April 30, 2012

Maui 2012...part 1 (of 2)

Maui 2012...10 adults, 4 kids, and tons of fun. A few things...

- First, there's a lot of pictures in two albums. This first album is almost all pictures I took (almost all). There's about 300 pictures to be seen. The second album which will come later is all pictures that my father-in-law took. I'll post those later...but there are some really good ones.
- Second, I took my camera out fewer times then ever before. I mainly enjoyed the time with family and Brennan. What that means is all the pictures I took were taken during those 7-8 "times" (or "moments/events") that I had my camera.
- Finally I've picked a handful of pictures here to show you and to write about some of our memories. If you want to skip it all and just see the pictures, well you can do that.

To see the full album, click here...and it really is worth looking at all the pics.

Below are a few of our highlights! And remember, you can click on any of these pictures to see them larger.

Each morning began with breakfast on our balcony,
often joined by Lucy and Matt who were also up early with us.
To the right is the view from our balcony.

Of course the highlight of the trip was the beach...

B trying desperately to keep up with Lucy.
Here they were racing after a ball that was on the beach

B digging in the sand.

Ice Cream at Lappert' of those things we always have to do.
Our flavor? "Maui Mango Madness"

One of the favorites for all the cousins was getting
tossed up in the air by their Dad's and Uncles.
Here B takes flight, although Corban got the most air.

The first few nights featured a guy on our beach who could do some
amazing "fire shows." He made quite an impact on everyone,
especially Brennan who has been "practicing" his own fire-shows ever since.
B will do a fire show with whatever is handy; but preferably with a stick.

This is one of Julie and I's favorite places...a walk at the south end of Maui along the lava fields, with the crystal blue water shadowing us the whole way. We always see goats (wild), red cardinals, beautiful scenery, turtles, and more.

Both Julie and I tried the paddle-boarding...
harder than it looks

The condos had a nice court-yard area which was fun to hang out and
have our larger family meals at. Here, Brennan has just woken up from
a nap and is hanging out with Auntie Kathryn, coloring.

Most afternoons the cousins would go on "lizard patrol."

This is what they were looking for...(and they were everywhere)

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Swimming in the pool with Mama!

Shave Ice! We discovered this on our 2nd to last yummy!

The last morning, the day we left, I went back to grab my camera in the
morning light as Brennan enjoyed his last hour playing in the
tide pools with his stick, throwing rocks (really small pieces of coral).

A good picture to end on!

Monday, April 09, 2012

Spring in Bellingham

Had some time...had the camera...viola! Of course, I mistakingly left the house with the wrong lens; (my 10-22mm wide angle lens). Just meant I had to get a little more created. I'll let you judge the results.

Here's the full album along with a few of my favorites below.

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Brennan Turns 2

Extra! Extra! Read all about it. In case you missed it, Brennan turned 2 on April 2nd; yes, his "golden birthday." As you might guess, there are way too many pictures and video to post here. So as always, I'll do the next best thing.

- Here's a link to all the pictures shot on my camera (some by me, some by Matt)
- Here's a link to all the videos shot on my flip (some by me, some by Derrick)

And here are just a few of the best.