Sunday, August 09, 2009

First Mountain Hike: Lord of the Flies

About two weeks ago Julie and I made it out for our first "mountain" hike of the summer.  It was the Friday of our "heat wave" week and little did we know...

Our hike was beautiful...but we were up against something that neither of us had ever experienced before...flies...tons of flies.  We were caught in the middle; do we 1) go with shorts and t-shirts and deal with fly bites but stay cool, or do we 2) put on the zip on pants and a long sleeved shirt, die from heat, and endure the bites?  Really...I'm not exaggerating.  Usually when you're hiking, if you stay moving, the bugs leave you alone.  Not so...even while we were hiking at a very fast clip, the flies still swarmed us.  By the time we were done, Julie counted over 20 fly bites...on her right arm!  Me?  Well, maybe it's all my hair or I didn't smell as good; I didn't find a single bite anywhere on my body.  Hmmm.  Enough about flies.

The hike was hot, but beautiful.  We've done this hike before and it never disappoints.  Enjoy the pics!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bellingham Sunset

In case you missed it, about a week and a half ago we were treated to an amazing color display.  I was riding my scooter home about an hour before sunset and noticed that there was a "high potential" for a good one.  There were some patchy low clouds, but a gap at the horizon line.  I got home, grabbed my camera and headed down to Marine Park in Fairhaven.  True enough, it was a gorgeous night.  At one point, it even started to lightly rain and there was a sunset in front of me and a rainbow behind; (the lighting wasn't good enough for the rainbow).  Make sure to chcck out the scrolling slide show at the bottom.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Cape Alava, day 4 (of 4)

Finally, getting around to day 4.  Day 4 didn't have a whole lot to write about.  Essentially, we woke up, ate breakfast, took in the morning view (with the mist/fog), packed camp and hiked out.  Still, it was a beautiful morning, a nice hike out and a good drive home (complete with a much anticipated Lavendar Latte just past Sequim).  Enjoy all the pictures by clicking here.