Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Last week we made it to the Lynden Fair (technically called "The Northwest Washington Fair" but that was too much to type). It was a blast! We got there a little before 10:00 AM and lasted all the way until 6:45 PM. We weren't sure if we'd survive the afternoon, but eventually B did fall asleep in his stroller (thank you "Bob") and slept for 2 hours in that thing! The highlight for Julie and I was watching Brennan discover all sorts of things. His favorite was sitting and playing on all the tractors, and then going on some rides (ferris wheel, merry-go-round, and an airplane ride). B also had fun eating healthy fair food like Doughnuts, Elephant Ears and Shave Ice.

At any rate, click here for all the photos. Scroll down for some of the best with captions!

Just couldn't resist!

Tractors, Tractors, and more tractors!

If only you could hear the noises with this picture...

What? There's MORE TRACTORS?

Zoom in on this one and check out the reflection...

Fair Food! Lovin' it.

Waiting for Mamma! "Mamma, hurry up! Horsey ride!"



Fair Food - Shave Ice...

Sleeping in the Bob!

What? You waited until the end of the day to show me the riding lawn mowers?

Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Fun!

With a toddler, I'm realizing that time is more fleeting...where does it go? In the name of efficiency, I'm combining what really should be three separate posts into one. The album is a bunch of photos from the summer. Enjoy! Click here to see the full album...

Julie introduces shaving cream to B during a "slow morning"

B and I love to go to the park and watch the trains go by

We've stayed cool in the hot weather!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sauk Mountain

Julie and I were able to get out a couple weeks ago for a real hike! Our first real hike together in quite some time. We went to one of our favorite spots, Sauk Mountain. The weather turned out great...not spectacular, in which case we would have been able to see Mt. Ranier, but good enough to have a gorgeous day nonetheless. The coup de gras was picking a salad bowl worth of huckleberries which Julie turned into 6 jars of amazing huckleberry jam.

A note on the pictures: they feature flowers. Why? Simple - I've done this hike so many times and taken so many pictures, I decided this time to only bring my small 50mm fixed lens. It's not meant for wide-angle or mountain every picture you see was taken with, duh, the 50mm lens. Enjoy!

Click here for the full album.