Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lost Lake - Sumas

So a couple of weeks ago, on Julie's birthday actually, we went for a short hike to Lost Lake just outside of Sumas; (went with Julie's younger brother, Matt and his wife Nicki).  Had a great little hike - not great pictures however.  But here they all are nonetheless...

(cick here for all)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Julie's Birthday

Ok, I'm 2 weeks late, but here are the pictures...and there are some really good and cute ones.  In fact, there were too many good ones to post - you'll have to click here to see them all.  I've posted a few of the best below.  Thanks to Matt who took most of the pictures this day; albeit, using my superior Canon 40d to do it with.  :-)

If anyone wants any of these, full resolution, let me know.  Happy to email them out to you!

Click here to see EVEN MORE!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Flowers, Bham and Semiahmoo

What?  You were expecting something else?  It's just what it says; pictures of flowers, some more shots from around Bellingham, and some shots from a short trip to Semiahmoo.  Enjoy!
Click here for all the pictures!

Click here for all the pictures!

Finally, some updates

Ok, so I got a little behind. Click here for pictures only - I've got some new pictures and stuff but have gotten a little lazy - I recently spent some time last week with a friend of mine who told me he checked my blog from time to time - this was all I needed for a little "kick" to get me back on the updates. So, here is the first of three updates...

A few weeks ago, Memorial Day weekend to be exact, we did two things. First, as is our tradition, I bought Julie a lobster and she had a lot of fun cracking that thing open. It's a tradition for us as a local grocery store in the area always has "lobster days" during the weekend.

Secondly, Julie and I packed up a nice dinner and went for a short walk along the Nooksack River, followed by a campfire and a nice dinner together. Here's some pictures from the day! As you can see, Kathryn is not someone you want to mess with when she has a hatchet in her hand.

Also, for you photo nerds, yes, the pictures of the green leaves are much sharper than what is displayed here - these are pretty low res uploads.