Monday, October 29, 2012

Out and About - Fall Colors

B and I managed to get out and enjoy the Fall Colors yesterday. Not a ton of pictures, but I like the quality of these. Only about 20 or so, click here to see all of them...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Making up for Lost Time

Ok, it hasn't been that long since I posted last but man, have we done a lot. So this update is a combination of about 6-7 different days/trips/events, etc. Read the captions on the photos below for more info...

As always, click here to see all the pictures in this update!

Auntie Kathryn reading to the cousins at Corban's bday party

Brennan loves to push the buttons on Adri and Corban's keyboard
B having fun with Mama and Auntie K

Cake and Ice Cream - what is better?
Trip to the fire-station with a friend

Sliding down the tube with Mama coming behind...

Yes, I still take pictures of things besides Brennan

My attempt at catching the train going by...

Fall colors reflecting in a mud puddle

More Fall Colors downtown B'ham

Gorgeous day at Bellwood Acres Apple Farm

Mama and B at Bellwood Acres

Mama and B at the Apple Farm again

Went for a walk by the train tracks