Monday, May 16, 2011

Maui 2011 (it's a record)

What's the record? Most number of pictures posted at once...236. If you're a die-hard and love photos of Brennan and Maui, you'll love it. If you just want the best 5, we'll I can't guarantee the 5 below are the best, but they're pretty good.

In case you didn't hear, it was B's first time to a real beach and he loved it. The first time his feet hit the sand he took off walking/running/falling, making a bee-line for the ocean. If we hadn't followed him, he would have gone right in and been half-way to China by now.

It was one of our best trips ever. Julie's parents were there with us, and our sister-in-law Kathryn joined us the last 3+ days. Great fun had by all! Click here to go straight to the full album. And by the way, the turtle and fish pictures are from the aquarium. And also a special thanks to Leon who took most of the pictures of Brennan.

Also, make sure you go to my last post and see the first batch of videos from this trip.

Brennan loved to read out on the "deck"

Making "soupy sand"

Looking for Lizards with Mamma


Looking at the sunset

Brennan was fascinated by looking at the moon

Last morning, got a swim in with Auntie K

Friday, May 06, 2011

More Videos + Maui, B's first beach

Hey all - it's been awhile, but here are some more videos including Brennan's very first time at a beach. It's worth watching that video all the way to the end. It's first up!

These videos are a little older, back in Bellingham...