Tuesday, August 04, 2015

A Mike Hike: Boundary Bay, Cowap Peak, and Excelsior Pass

Yesterday was spent in my favorite place...the mountains. I did a few short hikes that added up to about 10 miles...it was fantastic. These were hikes I hadn't done before, mostly due to the fact that Canyon Creek Rd. had been closed for most of the time we'd lived here.

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The hiking was great. I started at the Damfino Lakes Trailhead, but took the spur to the left and followed the Boundary Way trail. At another junction I headed left and went to Cowap Peak, (5658'). The views were fantastic - you could see Baker, Shuksan, and all the peaks surrounding...360 degree panorama.

I was mesmerized by something I wasn't expecting to see - the smoke from the big fire in British Columbia. I watched this for awhile, and every few seconds the patterns in the smoke would change. On the way down from the peak I did a short jaunt on the Boundary Way trail, and then headed back to the Damfino Lakes junction, spotting first a big marmot sunning himself on a rock, and then a bunch of Pikas who were also out in the later afternoon sun.

Then it was Damfino Lakes, (er "Damfino Ponds might be more apt), and on to Excelsior Pass. At the top of the pass is another gorgeous view of Baker. I was tempted to push on to Excelsior Peak, but my knee was hurting and after consulting my map, realized I had a full 3 miles back to the car. So I stopped for my dinner, (beef stick, yogurt raisins, trail mix and a tiger's milk bar), enjoyed the view, and started the painful walk down...(whatever is wrong with my knee, it only hurt on the descent).

If you're looking for a good day hike, this area is fun. I see why it's not quite as popular as some of the other areas, (Skyline Divide, Heliotrope Ridge, Bagley Lakes, Artist Point, Lake Ann - all are more popular). The 15 miles on Canyon Creek Road to reach the trailhead takes a solid 45 minutes. Still, the trade off is it wasn't nearly as crowded, and the views were great. Enjoy the pics!

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Smoke from the B.C. Fires

Big Marmot enjoying the sun

A Pika - small and skittish, you have to be sneaky

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