Saturday, January 02, 2016

Holidays in Bellingham

Ok - it's been a long time. Here are pics from our December and a sledding day to kick off the new year. Be forewarned - there's 298 images if you dare. The events, in order are

  • Children's "mini-musical" at Northlake
  • His Kindergarten class at school doing a little Christmas song
  • Christmas Day (a couple of pics at our house, a huge chunk of pics at Auntie Biz's house, and a few more at Grandma and Grandpa's house)
  • Christmas at Whidbey
  • A few pics from our deep freeze (no, that's not snow, just heavy frost)
  • Sledding day from yesterday (Jan 1st)

Here's the link to the full album.

Never did figure out what was so funny

Uncle Derrick got a Kinect for Christmas
Me and Ellie

Family "Brunch" at the Farm

The force is strong with this one

A lot of fun with this "balance game" from Uncle Dave

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